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Logo Contest

This year is the 30 year anniversary of the UNIX system. The Open Group is holding a logo design contest. We are looking for a logo that captures the spirit of the UNIX system for this special anniversary.

The contest deadline is August 12th. E-mail your entry (or entries) to as an attachment or send us a URL or FTP site from where it can be downloaded. Please if possible, send multiple formats, i.e. gif, jpg, png, bmp, etc.

We'll post the logo entries here as they come in, so be sure to include in your e-mail any information about yourself that you want included with your entry in the contest entry page. The copyright for the work needs to be open (i.e. freely distributable but maintaining proper authorship). We reserve the right to refuse entries deemed not appropriate for public viewing or those deemed not original.

The winning design will be used to represent the 30 Year Anniversary events that the Open Group plans to run during the fourth quarter of 1999. It will also feature on a commemorative shirt. A visible acknowledgement of the designer will be made on the Open Group's UNIX System web page. The first twenty entrants , which are accepted for display below, will also receive UNIX license plates so be sure to include your postal address. The top three entries will receive UNIX at 30 shirts. The winner will receive an invitation to a special UNIX at 30 event to be held in October 1999(*).

* to be confirmed.

Entries received to date in order of receipt:

1. Submitted by Adrian Hales

2. Submitted by Phil Holmes

(color version)

3. Submitted by
4. Submitted by Ignacio Torres Masdeu
5. Submitted by Tim Haynes
6. Submitted by DJ
7. Submitted by George Koehl

8. Submitted by Sarah

9. Submitted by Daniel Davis

10. Submitted by Robert Ennals
11. Submitted by Curtis Fletcher

12. Submitted by Peter Fredriksson

13. Idea Submitted by Bruce Bigby, drawing by John Bligh

14. Submitted by Nada Muster
15. Submitted by Kiran K.
16. Submitted by Dipak Gohil