Information Current as of May 1998


"This is another example of IBM's drive to provide our customers with consistent open interfaces to AIX business solutions which meet the emerging needs of the global, e-business marketplace," said Miles Barel, software marketing manager, IBM RS/6000. "Whether configured for use as an Internet, intranet, or extranet server, the RS/6000 platform, combined with the award-winning AIX operating system, provides the secure, mission-critical foundation necessary for e-business solutions."

IBM's AIX 4.3.1 on RS/6000 has been registered as a UNIX 98 product.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

"This is a major milestone to delivering our customers a standards compliant 64-bit network operating environment," said Brian Croll, director Solaris Products, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Our compliance to this standard is further demonstration of Sun's continuing commitment to support open standards."

Sun's Solaris 2.7 on 32-bit and 64-bit SPARC based systems has been registered as a UNIX 98 Product.
Sun's Solaris 2.7 on X86 based systems has been registered as a UNIX 98 product.

NCR Corporation.

"NCR is excited by all that UNIX 98 offers customers," said Mark Hurd, vice president of Marketing for NCR's Computer Systems Group. "We see it as a natural, yet important evolution of the UNIX operating system, bringing even greater utility, ease-of-use and portability to users and the ISV community."

NCR Corporation has registered Solaris 2.7 on the NCR World Mark and S Series systems.


"Bull salutes the arrival of UNIX98 and reaffirms its commitment to continually respect the latest evolution in standards," said Eric Selosse, Vice-President of UNIX Systems in Groupe Bull Server Division

Digital Equipment Corporation

"Digital Equipment Corporation is committed to open standards and specifications which enhance our customer's ability to manage and port their applications," said Barbara Power, Digital UNIX Product Manager. "All significant components of the Single Unix Specification, Version 2, such as: POSIX Threads, Aspen Threads Extensions, LFS Extensions, ISO MSE, Y2K support, and Dynamic Linking APIs will be incorporated into our next major release of DIGITAL UNIX, currently under development. Digital is fully committed to providing 100% compliance with the UNIX 98 specification for both ALPHA and IA-64 systems, ensuring that UNIX 98 will be broadly available to ISV's, OEM's, and customers."

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