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See http://www.opengroup.org/corrigenda/ for the latest corrigenda.

PLSIG Reference Information

The plsig (Unix International - Programming Languages Special Interest Group) is an informal group of engineers that was formed to discuss compiler and debugging issues at the time of the introduction of UNIX System V Release 4. It is composed mostly of engineers from computer manfacturers, but is open to all.

In the period from September 1990 to July 1992, the group collaborated on a document that described the de facto SVR4 debugging information called Dwarf. The group then worked for another year defining an extension to the original specification to cover issues that were not addressed in version one.

These documents, in PostScript form, are available from this FTP site:

 488615 Sep 24 17:33 dwarf.1.1.0.ps
  19347 Sep 24 17:34 dwarf.2.06.index.ps
 456616 Sep 24 17:34 dwarf.2.06.ps
These document are also available here in PDF format:




The plsig is currently inactive, but maintains a mailing list through X/Open (now The Open Group) called:


To join the list, send mail with your name/company/email address to:



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