UNIX® 98 Standards Alignment
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UNIX® 98 Standards Alignment

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Informational Document


UNIX 98 Formal Standards Alignment


This document describes the standards and specifications that UNIX 98 aligns with. This information is described for each of the existing UNIX 98 Product Standards:

UNIX 98 Base

Formal Standards alignment:

The Open Group CAE Specifications:

Please note that the UNIX 98 Networking Services include XTI and Sockets , and the draft POSIX.1g standard is based on that work .However our policy is only to align with approved formal standards.

Optionally UNIX 98 also includes:

UNIX 98 Workstation

As per UNIX 98 "base" plus Common Desktop Environment which consists of the following specifications:

UNIX 98 Server

As per UNIX 98 "base" plus the following:

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