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What's new in the Single UNIX® Specification Version 2 - A set of Technical White Papers

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These web pages are a source of information for users on what's new in the Single UNIX Specification, Version 2 :

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Background Information

The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2 aligns with the following:

  • Alignment with the latest international standards:
    • ISO/IEC 9945-1:1996 which incorporates ANSI/IEEE Std POSIX 1003.1-1990, 1003.1b-1993, 1003.1c-1995 and 1003.1i-1995 [1003.1b-1993 and 1003.1i-1995 are Realtime extensions . 1003.1c-1995 is Threads extensions.]

      The Realtime extensions are an optional feature group, allowing procurement of X/Open realtime systems with predictable , bounded behaviour.

      The Threads extensions permit development of applications to make significant performance gains on multiprocessor hardware.

    • ISO C Amendment 1: 1995 (Multibyte support)

      This further enhances X/Open's internationalised applications support.

  • Large File Summit extensions to permit UNIX systems to support files of arbitrary sizes, this is of particular relevance to database applications.
  • Extended Threads functions over POSIX threads, based on industry input from Sun, Digital, HP and DCE.
  • Dynamic linking extensions to permit applications to share common code across many applications, and ease maintenance of bug fixes and performance enhancements for applications.
  • N-bit cleanup (64 bit and beyond) , to remove any architectural dependencies in the UNIX specification. This is of particular relevance with the ongoing move to 64 bit CPUs.
  • Year 2000 Alignment to minimise the impact of the millennium rollover.
  • An optional Software Administration component for packaging software.

The Open Group has also introduced new test suites in support of the Single UNIX Specification, Version 2.


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