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Read The Single UNIX® Specification, Version 3

More Information on the Single UNIX Specification, Version 3

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The Open Group is pleased, in association with the IEEE, to announce availability of the core volumes of Version 3 of the Single UNIX Specification on the World Wide Web. These volumes are also IEEE Std 1003.1 and ISO/IEC 9945. We request that you register your details in order to proceed to view or download the complete online version of the specification. Once registered you can then bookmark the table of contents page to avoid having to register again.

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The Open Group Policy for Online publications
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The Specification on CD-ROM

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You can obtain the Single UNIX Specification and other related specifications in html and pdf formats on the CD-ROM that accompanies the guide book -- The Authorized Guide to the Single UNIX Specification , Version 3, produced by The Open Group, in association with Sun Microsystems.

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The Open Group develops many test suites and test development tools. Some of these are available for download.
UNIX® System API tables
these tables show the standards derivation for all the interfaces in the Single UNIX Specification Version 3 with respect to POSIX.1-2001, UNIX 98, UNIX 95, POSIX.1-1996, POSIX.2-1992, the ISO C standard, C89, SVID3 and BSD4.3 .
More Information on the Single UNIX Specification, Version 3
presentations and corrigenda information

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